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If your not already a member before you sign-up with any Programs, you need to join a Payment Processor or two, this is how you will get paid by the Paid-To-Click Traffic-Exchanges and programs you have joined, they are all free to join it will not cost you anything to open an account with them.

Payment Processors are an essential part of any paying program on the internet, when joining them, you choose your own ID and Password, make sure you keep a record of both.

Once accepted, login to all your programs and check your profile to make sure your details are correct especially you payment details as this is required by your programs for them to be able to pay you.

PayPal and Solid-Trust-Pay are my choice, I've found them to be the most secure Processors for sending or receiving money online.

In fact one of the largest is PayPal with over 184 million member's in 190 countries & regions all over the world.

There are many P/P's out there for you to choose from, but I only use these two they have been around for years and are the most trusted World-Wide.

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 If you are already a Member that's fine.

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Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.




To join Solid-Trust-Pay click the link below.







Once you have joined the Payment Processors, you are ready to start getting

paid by the Programs you have joined. 

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